No Respect

I found this advert on Ebay today and it really annoys me…..

It’s a memorial takeaway foldout from Phil’s funeral.

Who in his right mind would put something this personal on ebay? It even has a note from Hannah alongside !

Being promoted as a once in a lifetime opportunity for the avid Y&T collector just makes me sick!!!

I decided to send the person who has put this up for sale an email, this is the content;

Beste highlandlassie777,

I feel the need to send you this mail.
I am a bit shocked that you would put up this very personal item.

You advert this a once in a lifetime opportunity for the avid Y&T collector, I am one of those but would never ever buy an item like this.

I know that Phil’s widow has a very tough time with the passing of Phil , it would be very hurtfull for her to see this item for sale and even accompanied by a personal note from her.

Would you please consider to take this advert off?

Thank you for your time and understandig.

Wim Rueter


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One Response to No Respect

  1. Hanna Kennemore says:

    I’m shocked I don’t know how to describe my feeling when I saw this I scream and I cried so hard I’m so hurt I can hardly breathe my hand our shaking as I’m writing this , Please take that of my sun hasn’t seen this and I won’t tell him because it will destroy him WHY WHY WHY

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