Boogie In Kansas

Here’s a great video from Kansas 1987, brought to my attention bij Hannah Kennemore.


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One Response to Boogie In Kansas

  1. Hanna Kennemore says:

    My favorite song.
    And this is a great video and shows how much fun the guys had on this video is almost like they are in their studio and they are joking , teasing each other and getting wild and crazy all came very naturally I always dance with this song and made me feel so great and Phil enjoy watching me see me having so much fun like they did I can’t dance any more ,he is not there to look for me in crowed and see where I am as always he did , but I still have lot’s of fun watching this and listening to Barroom Boogie so as all the other song ,but this song is very special and remembering those great times .
    Think you Wim

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