More Vintage Footage

From the time you neede a physiotherapist after recording a show with that big a** videocamera….;-). If you wanna see some more (for example Catalyst ’93) be sure to check out Russ Barber’s YouTube Channel .

Be sure to like the videos and give positive comments!!!


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4 Responses to More Vintage Footage

  1. Russ B says:

    I shot this footage above with the crappy camera I had at the time.The pictures are just as bad as the video I shot but it’s all I had at the time.It’s the only footage from these shows I know of from 2003.The camera would work great if there was light to take pictures or video.Enjoy.

  2. Russ B says:

    Oh I forgot that Catalyst footage is from 98.I have about 30 or so minutes of footage from 95 also that I will be putting up in the next day or so.It has Long Way Down and I’m Lost on it,2 songs you just don’t hear too often.

  3. Hanna Kennemore says:

    Love Love it such a year

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