What’s With This Release?

Strange that the Y&T camp themselves did not mention this release at all…. The sites that advertise this release state that it is an A&M release? Thought this label was gone for years???

Here’s the (odd) tracklist;


Disc 1
1 Hungry For Rock
2 Dirty Girl
3 Shake it Loose
4 Squeeze
5 Rescue Me
6 Young And Tough
7 Hurricane
8 Let Me Go
9 Knock You Out
10 I Believe In You
11 From The Moon
12 Open Fire
13 Don’t Wanna Lose
14 Hell Or High Water
15 Forever
16 Black Tiger
17 Barroom Boogie
18 My Way Or The Highway
19 Winds of Change
Disc 2
1 Mean Streak
2 Straight Thru The Heart
3 Lonely Side of Town
4 Midnight In Tokyo
5 Breaking Away
6 Hang ’em High
7 Take You To The Limit
8 Sentimental Fool
9 Down And Dirty
10 Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World
11 Life, Life, Life
12 Masters And Slaves
13 I’ll Keep on Believin’ (do You Know)
14 Break Out Tonight
15 Lipstick And Leather
16 Don’t Stop Runnin’
17 (your Love Is) Drivin Me Crazy
Disc 3
1 She’s a Liar
2 This Time
3 Open Fire – Live
4 Go For The Throat – Live
5 25 Hours a Day – Live Edit
6 Rescue Me – Live
7 Summertime Girls – Studio Version
8 Forever – Live
9 Barroom Boogie – Live
10 I Believe In You – Live
11 In The Name of Rock
12 All American Boy
13 Anytime at All
14 Anything For Money
15 Face Like An Angel
Disc 4
1 Looks Like Trouble- Album Version
2 Your Mama Don’t Dance
3 Don’t Tell Me What To Wear
4 Hands of Time
5 Hungry For Rock- Live at the Reading Festival/ 1984
6 Black Tiger- Live at the Reading Festival/ 1984
7 I Believe In You- Live at the Reading Festival/ 1984
8 Open Fire- Live at the Reading Festival/ 1984
9 Forever- Live at the Reading Festival/ 1984
10 Rescue Me- Live at the Reading Festival/ 1984
11 Mean Streak- Live at Donington/ 1984
12 Barroom Boogie- Live at Donington/ 1984
13 Lipstick And Leather- Live at Donington/ 1984
14 Rescue Me- Live at Donington/ 1984
15 Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World- Live at Donington/ 1984
16 Masters And Slaves- Live at Donington/ 1984

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3 Responses to What’s With This Release?

  1. Michael Little says:

    Maybe they had no idea it was coming out?

  2. Michael Little says:

    Why did they split up IRWT and DFTC across 2 different discs? WEIRD

  3. Leo Leentvaar says:

    I am not too well versed into the legalities , but it could well be that the record company (or their subsequent owners) just decided to release this content on their own accord. Bands do not always own their own the rights to their music (Michael Jackon owned the rights of the Beatles f.e).

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