Unofficial Live Recording…

There’s an unofficial 4 cd set released from the Japanese date in Osaka.

Here’s the cover;

Disc 1 and 2 feature Winger, disc 3 and 4 feature Y&T.

Here’s the tracklisting from the Y&T set;

Disc 3 (42:27)
1. Introduction 2. Mean Streak 3. Lonely Side Of Town 4. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
5. Don’t Stop Runnin’ 6. Black Tiger 7. Midnight In Tokyo 8. Eyes Of A Stranger 9. Hurricane

Disc 4(61:15)
1. Winds Of Change 2. I Want Your Money 3. Rescue Me 4. I’ll Cry For You 5. Squeeze
6. I Believe In You 7. I’m Coming Home 8. Open Fire 9. Forever

And…NO…I do not know how to order this. Will be a costly affair as Japanese live-recordings are limited.


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