More About The Fillmore Show

As you might know by now, the Fillmore show saw Leonard Haze re-unite for 2 songs with the band. This is what Leonard had to say about it on Facebook;

Wanna thank the Y &.T guys for being so totally hospitable and helpful. Doing the documentary is going to be so very cool. If we never would’ve done this band a lot of joy never would’ve been realized. Thanks to you fans as again you showed me that love only a Y &.T band member got to feel. Thanks. Leonard

Dave also reacted on the show;

If you didn’t hear already, the Fillmore show was off the hook last Saturday night. Amazing packed house with a crowd that never lost energy through the over 2 hour set, even though it was one of the hottest nights in San Francisco in a long time.

Anvil came out first and really kicked ass, and then to the surprise of the house, Leonard Haze came out to play Dirty Girl and Winds of Change with us, to a grateful and loving crowd. It was something special to see him do his thing again, and I was more than happy to grant one of his Bucket List wishes – to play with Y&T at the Fillmore! It was a show to remember.

And tot op it all off; Brad  played his 300th show with the band; congrats !


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