Bad Brad News


This was posted on Facebook by the band;

We’re extremely disappointed that we’ve been put in this position, but Brad Lang is currently on indefinite hiatus as he resolves some personal issues. In order to respect Brad’s privacy, we will not be going into any detail at this time. We thank you all for understanding the private nature of this situation. Meanwhile, with Brad’s blessing, Aaron Leigh has stepped in to cover the role of bass guitarist. edit : He played (or still is playing) with the Frank Hannon Band. Frank Hannon, as you might know is also founder and guitarist of Tesla, a band close to Y&T.

Aaron Leigh

The above is our official statement, but I couldn’t let this go without mentioning personally how sorry I am to be delivering this shocking news to everyone today. Know that we’re doing what we can to make this the least painful for all involved.

This is what Brad personally added to the statement the band made, as seen above;

Ever since the announcement of my hiatus from Y&T, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and prayers from my family of friends.
First of all, everything between the Y&T camp and myself is good.
There is, and always will be, love between myself and the band/management.

Dave Meniketti always joked that I was either on zero, or turned up to “11” in everything I do, and nothing in between.

I thought that I was a Social Drinker. I am not.
Meet and Greets should not last until dawn…..
It was time for a course correction.

It’s time to take it from “11” to zero, and nothing in between.
And, nothing happens overnight.

I am truly touched by the flood of personal messages, and posts of well wishes.
I am grateful for your friendship, and good will.

Much Love To All

– Brad

To end this announcement : Brad hope you get yourself together and will be sharing the boards with Y&T again in the near future!


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