Aaron Leigh On Y&T

Quoted from Arron Leigh’s Facebook;

So, I’ve been meaning to post this…It’s been about a week that I’ve been home since being on the road the whole month of February with Y&T… I just gotta say…what a great time I had with these guys and Gal…Dave, Jill, Brad,Mike, John, Tom , Tom Size and Nicholas...all class acts and the coolest, sweetest humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with! Some of my favorite times were sitting in the hotel lobby drinking wine and listening to Dave tell stories…seriously, I felt like that 14 year old kid again, a FAN that learned every fucking Y&T song on whatever instrument was within my reach and feeling that “Spark”… in the beginning, to want to play music…Dave Meniketti was that spark for me when I was a kid! So, THANKS guys for a really special time!

Special thanks to my “BASS BRO” Brad for giving me the opportunity to enjoy “DREAMLAND” for a little while…

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