Nice Clip From Thunder Valley


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3 Responses to Nice Clip From Thunder Valley

  1. Anybody have any updates on the status/recovery/well being of Brad Lang & his status with the band? I could’ve missed something…but haven’t seen anything since the announcement.

    • dutchyandtfanpages says:

      Hi Mike,
      I do not know of the status regarding Brad at the moment. My guess is that the break before the european tour wil shed some light if they decide to take Brad or Aaron along with them.

      • Good Day…

        I think you’re right. I hope it works out. Had an opportunity to speak with Brad a couple yeas ago (up at the bar of all things) at a show outside Chicago. Much like the rest of the guys…totally humble & thankful to be doing what he does. And man…what a ball of energy on stage.


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