Docu Will Be Released In 2017

The band put out a message to all Kickstarter-paticipants regarding the release of the highly anticipated 42-year spanning Documentary. Early 2017, but he/she who waits and is patient will be rewarded. I am sure of that!

original message of Kickstarter;

We know a lot of you have long been wondering what is up with this documentary and when is it really coming out. We’re all about as anxious to get to the release date, as we can imagine many of you guys are, so we thought it best to update everyone with the latest info we have.

Being that we turned this project over to a new film production company that understands and appreciates Y&T while keeping the budget under control, they simply got overwhelmed by all that turned out to be involved in assembling 42 years of content. So much talent has been happy to add their take on the Y&T story as over 100 people have now been interviewed. Added to that were the mountains of old and current footage, the live footage from the last year of touring, and transferring many outmoded formats of vintage video footage and audio tracks, and it all attributed to them far underestimating the scope of the project.

That said, these guys are so attuned to the Y&T history that we’re confident this will ensure a great telling of this 42-year story. Since the documentary production company is on a roll now, they feel comfortable giving us a serious completion date, so we can now estimate to you that the documentary will be released during the first quarter of 2017. With knowledge of all the great footage they have in their possession, we’re very eagerly looking forward to the completion of this project. With much respect, we thank you all for your patience during its creation.

– Y&T


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