Brad’s Got A Brand New Job !

Seems Brad has joined Bobby Bloyzer’s RATT, see the newsitem from Blabbermouth:

Bobby Blotzer‘s RATT has announced the addition of Mitch Perry (TALAS, HEAVEN, STEELER, MSG, LITA FORD) on lead guitar and Brad Lang (Y&T) on bass.

Says Blotzer: “We have some leaving, and new great musicians coming on board .

Starting September 3rd and 4th onward will be the great Mitch Perry on lead guitar, Stacey Blades [on] rhythm and leads, and Brad Lang on bass, along with the awesome Joshua Alan still fronting, of course, and yours truly chopping wood behind the kit.

“All these guys are long time road veterans from very well-known lists of bands. We’re definitely looking forward to playing with them.

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One Response to Brad’s Got A Brand New Job !

  1. Good for Brad because his infectious spirit should not be w/o a stage…but now i’m more confused as to the reasoning for his departure from Y&T.
    Any incarnation of RATT seems (from what I read) to be fully dysfunctional and would not appear to be a stable situation for new found sobriety. Very curious…nonetheless…Good for Brad.

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