RIP Leonard Haze

As I return from my holiday I found out that Leonard Haze passed away in his sleep at the age of 61.


Picture ; Taryn Benn, Concord 1982

Rest in peace

Leonard, the times I met you were always nice and funny taking all the time.

When I asked you in Newcastle on your view on returning to Europe a big grin appeared on your face. “It feels like stealing money, man” you said.

Heaven has one of the best rhythm sections now……….

This is what Dave said on Facebook:

It is with shock and sadness that I type this. Leonard Haze, the legendary drummer, and a guy I spent decades with creating great music together, has passed away at 61. This, just a few days after his birthday. I just woke up to this news, as I’m in Germany, and immediately called his wife, Kelly. She confirmed that Leonard had passed away in his sleep, a few hours ago, sometime between noon and 7:30pm on Sunday, September 11.

Leonard has been struggling with COPD for years, but Kelly said that although his health had recently declined, they felt he had a few years left, so this is unexpected.

My deepest condolences to Leonard’s family and friends. His impact on the rock scene was well documented.

Rest in peace, my friend.
-Dave Meniketti

HERE is a link to a phone-call Eddie Trunk had with Dave regarding the passing of Thunderfoot.


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