As posted on Jeff Kehr‘s Facebookpage. Jeff was the moderator of the infamous Y&T Forum for years and years.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit the studio where all the work of cutting, editing, and designing the upcoming Y&T Documentary film is taking place.

I sat down and caught about an hour’s worth of raw documentary and I can tell you that it’s coming together very nicely. Even for hardcore fans, there will be something in here to make you go, “WOW!” From classic pictures, to performances, to the ORIGINAL Yesterday and Today line-up (not Dave, Joey, Leonard and Phil, as some of you may think!) there is literally something here for all types of fans.

The interview segments are pure gold! I really enjoyed watching some of the interviews that I conducted with Leonard and Dave come together in the bigger picture. I can tell you this, Leonard was one entertaining guy, and he comes across BIG TIME in this film. And Dave has some fantastic stories, as you can imagine!

Rest assured, this WILL be WORTH THE WAIT! A lot of hard work and long hours are being put in to ensure that the quality of this film is second to none. I’m very excited to see this hit the market and your Blu-Ray players, and for you to be able to experience the true story of Y&T in all it’s Hi-Def glory!

– Jeff “Rowdy J” Kehr


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