Dave To Be Featured On Montrose Album

As posted on Facebook

I while ago Ricky Phillips, the great bass player and all around talented artist, asked me to be a part of Ronnie Montrose’s last project, 10×10, that because of Ronnie’s untimely death, was never able to be completed. He had taken it on himself to ask numerous talented musicians to get involved and help finish Ronnie’s last album.

Of course, I was flattered and happy to help, as Ronnie was both an inspiration in my career and a friend, and his wife, Leighsa has been a good friend to Jill and me for years and a truly lovely & giving person. I would do anything to help her in the memory of Ronnie!

As it turned out, my bay area buddy, Eric Martin and I were involved on the same song, Heavy Traffic. I have included a link below to the song. Enjoy, and please share this with everyone as we all want this release to be successful. It’s official release date is Sept 29. Help the cause and purchase this awesome remembrance and tribute to a “real” legend in our industry — Ronnie Montrose!


Original message RIGHT HERE, where you can also hear the song that Dave is playing on.


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