Some Additonal Info On The Acoustic Classix


On Facebook John Nymann gave some background information on the recently released Acoustic Classix volume I CD. Maybe some of you like to get this background information;

Hi Mike KT! Glad you are enjoying the new cd! When we were finishing up Euro/UK tour last year, Aaron mentioned we should do some acoustic versions of Y&T tunes when we got home. We got together and at rehearsal studio and just jammed thru different songs to see which ones worked. Some that we thought would work, didn’t, and Black Tiger and Barroom Boogie did! (with Vanderhule’s new cool groove on it) Contagious was a last minute decision in the recording studio! Just as we were starting to record the other one (save that for Vol. 2) Aaron tapped me on the shoulder and said, Dave is calling an audible, we are doing Contagious. Ha ha! I think we cut it in one take! We had fun doing this, and I think Dave’s vocal performance on Summertime Girls and Barroom are fantastic. And his solo guitar playing as well on Nylon string and steel string acoustic guitars. Not normally his thing, but a nice twist on Y&T tunes, I think. Here is some more info for you. That is my new Gibson J15 acoustic guitar on the cover and my old Marshall speaker cabinet. Dave’s 1974 Marshall MKII Super Lead amp from the early Y&T days!
And of course, the glass of Meniketti Forever Pinot Noir wine


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1 Response to Some Additonal Info On The Acoustic Classix

  1. I was going to buy it anyway…I mean, it’s Y&T! LOL
    But seriously…it’s really good. Glad to read Contagious was added (even at the last minute) because it sounds great. The one song I wondered about was Rescue Me because it’s such a powerful song (plugged in)…it’s still powerful, just in a different way. My only complaint…it’s only six songs LOL 🙂

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