Dave’s Back Gives Him Problems…

Dave has to keep a low profile physically due to issues with his back. This is what Dave posted on FaceBook;

I want to update everyone on what is currently happening so there are no misunderstandings. I’m not one who likes to broadcast physical ailments, but I thought it best since we just postponed a show.

Last month I injured my back lifting & moving some heavy items. The sports doctor/back specialist who has been treating me had advised me not to play any shows. But ever the optimist, I felt certain that adrenaline would kick in and carry me through these past few; I was right, but I paid the price as it set me back. I’ve been mostly bedridden with pain since the injury. Thankfully, this week I’m scheduled for a cortisone shot that should alleviate the pain and swelling.

You may not see me around the next few weeks, as I’ll be doing all that’s necessary to close this chapter and move forward. We still have some 30+ more shows to play this year with tons of travelling, and tons of sitting for extended times, so I know the urgency of getting this sorted ASAP. I expect to be back up there rocking through all of them in top shape soon enough. Rest assured I’m in good hands and I’ll see you on stage again soon.


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