Concord (USA) 1982

Great pictures from the Halloween show at the Concord Pavillion on October 31st 1982.                                   Pictures used with permission of Taryn Benn.


One Response to Concord (USA) 1982

  1. Taryn Benn says:

    WOW ~ very cool slideshow there Wim!!! And not because I took the photos either 🙂 but I did have the perfect seat so to speak – the pit smack dab in front of the stage where I could basically lay my elbows on the stage while snapping away! I remember turning around once which was a little overwhelming as there were 10 thousand people screaming Y&T!!!! Wish I had gotten more than 1 photo of the crowd at this show but at least I took “that one shot” but I just didn’t want to turn away from the the boys you know! LOVED those shows – as I did any show I ever attended with this band but the Concord Pavilion shows on Halloween were some of my favorites – Y&T would close out the concert series/season with this gig – always a sell out but that’s a given 😉
    Thank you again for sharing these here on your website – YOU ROCK!!!!

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