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Mike Vanderhule :


Official Leonard Haze website:

Leonard Haze on MySpace :

Joey Alves on MySpace :

Stef Burns Official website :

Jimmy DeGrasso Official website :


Tommy Mogren

French Fansite :

Japanese Fansite :





Steve Dawkins YouTube Tabs channel

Y&T Tabs by Bjaramil :



4 Responses to Links

  1. Dimitrios says:

    Hello there!
    Please give me a mail to send you the full greek concert (2 hours & 11 minutes) in a mp3 via YouSendit! This is not a soundboard but an audience recording!

    • dutchyandtfanpages says:

      Hi Dimitrios!
      Thanx for the kind offer !
      you can use the mailadress;
      Thanx already and I hope you enjoyed the show in Athens !!


      • Dimitrios says:

        It was definitely an amazing show, no question!! Dave rules!!
        It’s the best feeling ever (and I’m 43 years old…)!!!
        Cheers from Greece!

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