Photos on the web

Links to Galleries/ photographers

Links to Galleries/ photographers

David Plastik (USA); Nice pictures from the band + other great pictures from bands.

The (GER) ; Gallerie Matrix, Bochum (GER) on October 12th 2009.

I am ümlaut on Flickr (USA) ; 77 pictures from the old days of the band.

Moon In Virgo (HOL) ; Picture-gallery Boerderij, Zoetermeer (HOL) June 25th 2009.

Jan Schröder’s Flickr pages; Fantastic set from de Pul, Uden (HOL) Oct. 24 2010

Wilma Hoogendoorn (HOL) : different sets with pictures of the band.

Rockreport (BEL) ; pictures + review in English from Verviers (BEL) Oct. 25th 2010.

Tommy Mogren  ;(SWE) ; A lot of galleries from several years.

Tommy Mogren’s Flickr page ; Beautiful pictures from Sweden Rock Festival 2010.

Kat Owens Photography (USA) ; Gallery Petaluma’s Mystic Theatre, Nov. 12,2005.

Scott Diussa (USA) ; Galleries from Chicago and MelodicRock Fest 2008.

GuitarTomy (USA) ; nice gallerie from the In Rock We trust era.

Jan Riemersma’s Flickr pages ; Beautiful set from Boerderij, Zoetermeer (HOL) 2009.

Glimmerman’s Flickr pages ; Nice pics from Y&T shows in Scotland.

KJGuch’Flickr pages ; Nice set from Assen (HOL) 2009.

Jonte’s flickr pages ; nice set from Sala, Sweden on Oct. 7th 2008

Kofferfisch’s Flickr pages ; Nice set from Colos Saal, Aschaffenburg (GER) 2010.

Paul Reynolds Flickr pages ; Pics from Village, Dublin (IRL) 28/9/2010.

Metalkrant’s Flickr pages ; Pics from Bibelot, Dordrecht (HOL) 2009

Fishbone’s Flickr pages ; Nice set from ABC, Glasgow (SCO) Oct. 7th 2010.

Sean Larkin’s Flickr pages ; Set from Rock City, Nottingham (UK) Sept. 10th 2010.

Paul Broome’s Flickr Pages ; Pics from JB’s, Dudley (UK) Nov. 1st 2009.

Brussels (BEL) 1983 ; Small gallery with pics from supportshow Y&T did For Ozzy.

Hyarrus Flickr page ; Nice picture set Fat Cat Club in February 2010.

Fishman3 page ;Nice gallery from Fremont from DMB.

Amon Re’s page : Nice Gallery from Verviers (BEL) 2010

Archie’s Ice Cream ; gallery with pics from the band from round 2005 (?)

RockUFOrever website : some great 2010 galleries ; Picture-gallery from Blues Garage, Isernhagen 2008 (GER)

Bungee Brent Photography ; great Facebook gallery from the Phil Benedit-NYE 2010

Tarkus Photography : great set of pictures from Vosselaar (BEL) 2008

Todd Gay Photography ; great shots from August 6th, Chance theatre, Poughkeepsie, NY

Phil Anderson Photography : Nice galleries from 1983 and 1985

John Tuckness Photography ; Great 2010 gallerie

Bill Frates/Rock Image ; great galleries through the years

Flickr Gallery ; Nice picture set from Seattle 2011 : Some great galleries from 2003 up till 2010

DeepSnake’s Gallery ; Nice big set from DOM, Helsinki, sept. 23rd 2011

Sean Larkin’s Flickr Page : Great gallery from Nottingham 2011, october 1st

Glimmerman’s Flickr Page ; great gallery from Glasgow 2011, Sept. 29th

Fishbone’s Gallery ; Great gallery from Glasgow 2011, Sept. 29th.

Paul M. Reynolds Flickr : Great gallery from the Dublin show at the Village 2011

Darren Griffin’s Photobucket ; gallery from Coal Exchange/Cardiff on oct. 15th 2001

Tommy Mogren’s Flickr Page : Gallery from London/Relentless Garage Oct. 14th 2011

HELLYEAH Flickr : Small but very nice gallery from Bilbao 2011.

CK Shotz ; Great Mystic 2011 gallery

Stratoman’s Flickr Page : Gallery from Madrid (ESP) in 2010

GunnerKalphotography ; Great gallery from the MOR Cruise 2012

Edu Lawless Photography ; another Great gallery from the MOR Cruise 2012

Heiko Binzer Photography ; Rock Of Ages Festival, Seebronn (GER)

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