Vintage Japan Clippings

Cool shots from the Japan Tour in the 80’s

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What To Do In These Quarantaine Times?

You ould consider checking out these images on the Getty Images website. There’s some rare ones for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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Durbin album to feature Mike Vanderhule

Mike Vanderhule has contributed the drumtracks to the first album by former Quiet Riot shouter James Durbin. More info below.

Former QUIET RIOT vocalist James Durbin has launched his new band, under the moniker DURBIN, and will release his aptly titled label debut, “The Beast Awakens” on February 12, 2021 on Frontiers Music. A pure, unadulterated, headbanging metal affair where James proudly wears his DIO, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest influences on his sleeve while simultaneously forging his own path, this is for fans of classic ‘80s traditional metal with a an updated sound.
”The Beast Awakens” is a celebration of Durbin’s old fashioned metal tastes and it’s the kind of record that would certainly appeal to fans of the genre’s glorious era. Its shameless old style approach is evident right from the off when ‘The Prince of Metal’ thunders from the speakers like an old Judas Priest tune. It’s got a great riff and the way its interspersed with a bit of extra bombast lends a bit more of a welcome edge. On the plus side, there’s some smart playing from former Dokken/Malmsteen bass man Barry Sparks.

The first single, a duet called “Kings Before You” with pro wrestler/Fozzy vocalist Chris Jericho which also features guitarist Phil Demmel of Machine Head, made perfectly clear that Durbin defintely raises his horns high and completely embraces his metal roots. The song is old-school leather-and-spikes metal with absolutely no apologies.
Durbin was the guy responsible for getting Judas Priest to appear on American Idol, and he definitely doesn’t shy away from the influence they had on him in this track. Quite the opposite. He leans into it, delivering his best Rob Halford shrieks throughout.

Durbin also takes a melodic rock paths, and on ‘Battle Cry’ his best attempts at fusing more of an AOR melody with a trad metal results in one of the best Dokken tunes you’ve never heard. It features some great multi-layered guitar sounds against a really upfront bass riff which, coupled with a quieter vocal on the verse, brings something that’s both muscular and melodic.
A highlight.

With a much dirtier riff used brilliantly throughout, the title track offers some solid classic metal that falls somewhere between Judas Priest circa 1984 and one of Dio’s recordings from the ’90s. Throughout the verse, James curls his voice in a way that gives him a huge presence and with a stormer of a guitar solo included en route, it easily becomes another of the album’s best tracks.

Another standout, ‘Calling Out For Midnight’ definitely best demonstrates the whole band’s ability to pull together on a high octane performance. Falling somewhere between classic Dokken and ‘Nature of The Beast’ era Impellitteri, it demonstrates a genuine punch in record time. Applying the vocal prowess of peak Mark Slaughter to create something even bigger, this track is the full package in terms of brilliant, no-nonsense old style metal. With a tightly wound performance, driven by some great drumming and a nice hook – taking in a massive and brilliant solo along the way – it shows what Durbin and his friends can do when he go for more melodic territory.

You have to admire James Durbin for sticking to his guns and wanting to carve a career from such an old fashioned rock style. He could do some modern metal and aim to modern radio, instead, he rocks in true metal style.
”The Beast Awakens” is part traditional metal influenced by Judas / Dio, part melodic hard rock with some Dokken feeling. Durbin has a more than reasonable voice and his hired hands can handle a broad range of metal styles with ease.
Highly Recommended

01. The Prince Of Metal
02. Kings Before You
03. Into The Flames
04. The Sacred Mountain
05. The Beast Awakens
06. Evil Eye
07. Necromancer
08. Riders On The Wind
09. Calling Out For Midnight
10. Battle Cry
11. By The Horns
12. Rise To Valhalla

All Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Rhythm Guitars – James Durbin
Bass – Barry Sparks
Drums – Mike Vanderhule
Guest Vocals – Chris Jericho
Keyboards / Synths – Earl Salindo
Textures / Pads – Paul Grimm
Guest Lead Guitarists:
Phil Demmel
Jon Yadon Jr
Marc Putnam
Dylan Rose
Nick Gallant

Pre Order:

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Always Remembered….

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Been Ages….

Been really long since I posted. Still dedicated to the band, but there is absolutely nothing happening worth mentioning about the band.

On Facebook I found this funny story by Phill about the Mean Streak recording sessions. Made me laugh….

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Great Stripped Down Version of ‘If You Want Me’

Just shows the class of this man….

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EuroTour 2020 Postponed


The has issued the following statement;

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Y&T’s autumn Europe/UK tour has been rescheduled to 2021. The majority of promoters in Europe and the UK expressed the need to move their shows to next year as their venues were not prepared under coronavirus restrictions. Those dates equaled over three-quarters of the band’s tour, rendering the remaining few dates not feasible. So the entire tour has rescheduled to 2021.
Promoters have assured that all tickets purchased for this year’s tour are valid for the rescheduled 2021 tour date. Ticket holders should contact their ticket vendor for details.
No real surprise, let us hope for the best and we will see the band in 2021!!
We will have something to look forward to !!
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Great Shot From The Past

This shot was put on Facebook, who once ran Y&T’s fanclub for years. Great shot taken in 1982 in Japan.


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Cool Items For A Good Cause

The band has collaborated with The Guitawrist. They make bracelets and earrings out of, or with, guitarstrings from bands. Donations are for The Breastcancer Fund.

Find the collection RIGHT HERE 

Here’s an example;


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European Tour 2020

Already the first dates for the Fall Euro-tour are confirmed !

Check them all out ;

Four shows are confirmed for Holland;

  • Oct 15 th Amsterdam Q Factory
  • Oct 16th Leiden, Gebr. de Nobel
  • Oct. 17th Uden, de Pul
  • Oct. 18th Drachten, Iduna
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