The SoundCheckXperience

The band made the decision to give their fans access to the soundcheck with a lot of other exclusive options and merchandise. It’s called ‘The Sound CheckXperience. As for now only a few shows in the US have this option added.

Wanna know more? Check the link RIGHT HERE.

Of course there are people criticising this decision, that’s the way things work.

Jill Meniketti decided to post on Facebook explaining the motivation behind the option called the SoundCheckXperience (it’s still just that, no one is twisting your arm to do this). see below;

As expected, the band has already received a few comments about their newly launched Sound Check Experience (at select shows). Let me set the record straight . . .

The guys will still come out and meet the fans *after* their shows where possible–BUT–that is NEVER a guarantee and should never be expected. There are many factors involved every day at every show that impact this.

Why did we add this cool new Sound Check Experience option? I’ll explain below. And for those of you who really feel you need someone to blame for this new added-value experience (which I think is a cool addition–I’d buy it for my fave artist!), I’m your fall girl. 😉

Touring has become ridiculously expensive. As the band’s manager, after this last US tour I told the band that they either need to start charging for meet & greets like every other band or stop touring altogether. It’s that critical. Travel prices continue to escalate yet the band’s performance fee does not. For example for this upcoming European tour, the prices for hotels, gear rental, crew fees, flights, ferries, etc., continue to rise–each year–so much so that I had told the band that 2019 may very well be the last time Y&T tours Europe.

Many of you already know Dave’s feelings about charging for a meet & greet–he won’t do it. But the band LOVES playing live and they don’t want to stop touring. So the guys got creative and thought it could be a fun vibe to open up sound checks (Y&T sound checks have always been closed) to those fans interested in purchasing a special, intimate experience beyond the show. The guys didn’t want to do a typical cattle-call meet & greet; instead, they wanted to offer something that few people get to experience. Aside from the “cool factor” of seeing a real sound check, with that comes more special stuff, like an exclusive photo that’s not available anywhere else but for the sound check package, a commemorative laminate & lanyard, a special Y&T tote bag not available anywhere else, and so on. We’ve limited it to just 20 people (or just 10 couples, for those pairing up).

And that’s what we’ve done to help salvage touring. Charging for extras is what most bands must do now in order to afford to continue performing. It’s just the state of the business.

I’m not at all complaining, just explaining.

Don’t like it? Not interested? Don’t participate. It’s that simple. Just buy a ticket to the show and nothing at all has changed for you. But the band & I think this is a very cool add-on experience.


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Documentary News

HERE you can read and listen to Dave about the status of the documentary.

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Been A While…

Gee, haven’t posted for quite a while. There is not that much Y&T news worth mentioning on the page. I did stumble upon this really cool and very old picture of a really early incarnation of Yesterday and Today. This is even before Joey joined…..


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Two Rock Titans

Here is a great pic of Dave with Michael Sweet from Stryper. Michael was support act for the Filmore show. This is what Michael had to say about the experience:

I grew up listening to this guy. One of my favorite bands and favorite guitarists of all time and a huge influence. It’s hard to believe that I was watching them perform 40+ years ago at The Starwood in Hollywood. They inspired me to be better and play harder. Thank you Dave Meniketti and “Yesterday & Today” – Y&T! I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to open for you at @thefillmore #music#legend #guitar #hero #heavymetal (thank you Jon Friesen for this photo!)


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Bedford Review (with setlist and pics)

HERE you can read a great review from the show in Bedford, cool read!


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Great Picture Gallery From The Cruise

HERE you can see some great shots taken during the outdoor show the band did on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. Winds Of Change? Joe Schaeffer is responsible for this eye candy 🙂


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Poughkeepsie Setlist

Here you can see the setlist from the show in Poughkeepsie, this was added on Facebook by Timothy Bender with the following comment;

Here’s the Setlist from the stage of last nights gig in Poughkeepsie, NY. They also played three requested songs: Rock’n Roll Gonna Save The World, Winds Of Change and Bar Room Boogie in between Open Fire and Forever!


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A cool shot by Tracy Whitaker


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Nice Gallery From The Vegas Show

Pictures by Joe Shaeffer RIGHT HERE

Nice work!!


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Update On The Documentary

Dave shared a message about the documentary;

First, hello to all our loyal fans who contributed to the Y&T documentary Kickstarter campaign back in 2015.  
We’ve heard from some of you over the past couple of years and we share in your frustration over the extreme delay of this film. I can tell you that the project is still moving forward, and the two-man production team is promising us an end-of-year completion. 
Nonetheless, the band members and management have seen the production team’s promised timelines come and go, and it has been just as frustrating for us, on many levels, as this is not how Y&T does business. This organization prides itself on always striving to do the right thing by the fans, and these delays have put us in an undesirable position. 
I feel badly that some of you have lost your trust in us. Therefore, for those of you who are tired of waiting, if you would like to opt out, we can offer you a full refund of your contribution. Should you choose this, you will not receive your copy of the DVD, bonuses, or the rewards that you selected. 
Mark & Geoff (the documentary production team) really are doing a great job, and we want to see them succeed–especially after they’ve given 4+ years of their lives to this project. 
Now, that being said, we suspect most of you are in this for the long haul. And for those of you willing to wait for the project’s completion, we thank you for your amazing patience, and we look forward to sharing the final film with you. 
Dave Meniketti 

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