Dave Is On The Better Hand

Dave posted this message on his Facebook page, good news!

Just wanted to update everyone since I haven’t posted much lately. My back injury, that started in mid-July, has finally turned the corner and I’ve been feeling much better the last two weeks. So amazing to have started feeling like a normal person again.

Many thanks need to be credited to the ongoing help of a few folks for getting me back on track – Fabrice at OPTM physical therapy, my sports doctor – Dr Millard, the much needed time off to rehab, the support of my close friends, and especially my wife for dealing with a many times frustrated and sometimes grumpy husband during this long protracted down time.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank all of you for being so kind and understanding during this time away from touring. It’s meant a lot to me and the band to read all of your supportive posts.

I am so ready to get my ass back up on stage and get back to what I truly live for. Can’t wait for the upcoming Merced Theater show on November 2 and the November Mystic Theater shows. YES!!!!

Enjoy Halloween 🎃 and I’ll see you at the upcoming shows in what will be a true celebration for me.


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Massive Tourdates Update For 2019

Well, the band has loads of shows confirmed for 2019, even the European Tour in the fall of 2019 is announced. The band will play three shows in Holland;

October 3 ~ Zwolle, The Netherlands – Poppodium Hedon

October 4 ~ Zoetermeer, The Netherlands – Cultuurpodium Boerderij

October 5 ~ Uden, The Netherlands – de Pul

There will even be a show on Hawaii in january 2019 and two shows in Japan. Way to go!


As from now, I will not be updating the Tourdates section on ths site anymore. There will be a simple link to the Official Y&T website for a direct source and confirmed shows.

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Nice Tribute To Phil and Hannah

Recently Hannah Kennemore passed away sadly enough….In this video she talks about herself and Phil (or Phillip as she called him), worth watching.

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European Tour Cancelled…

Sadly, Y&T will not be on the road in Europe with Saxon coming fall. Dave his back problems are still to serious. And believe me, I saw this man fight through a lot of physical trouble, but still playing his ass off. Below you can read Dave’s post on Facebook. Dave, all the best with your recovery!!

It is with great disappointment that I announce Y&T’s decision to withdraw from Saxon’s upcoming fall Europe/UK tour. As many of you already know, I severely injured my back in July and have been under the care of a sports doctor/back specialist ever since. After I received two rounds of cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation, we all had high hopes I’d get “back on the field” in time for this tour. But as many people know, recovering from this kind of back injury takes time.

Given the advice of my doctor and the urging of everyone around me, really, the only course of action for my long-term health is to stay home and properly complete my recovery. This decision has weighed heavily on me–and believe me, I’d much rather be on tour playing for all of you–but getting on an 11-hour flight and sitting for five weeks on drives of up to 10+ hours every day in a van traveling 11,000 miles/18,000 km would be a reckless approach at this stage of my recovery. I can’t risk another setback like I experienced last month when I played a show against my doctor’s advice.

I apologize to the fans and to our buddies in Saxon for any inconveniences and disappointments that this has caused. We’re big fans of Saxon and consider them to be one of the best live straight-ahead rock bands out there, so we’re all disappointed to miss what surely would’ve been a great time on tour with them.

For my part, and for Y&T going forward, I’m on the mend and can’t wait to get back up on stage later this year. To our amazing fans in Europe and the UK, again, my apologies. We’ll be back in 2019.

-Dave Meniketti

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New Vinyl Release

For all you vinyl afficionados….


You can get your copy in the Official Y&T store RIGHT HERE

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Patience Grasshopper….

Here is the latest update on the documentary, stay patient…..

“Our latest production meeting resulted in release information for our Y&T documentary. The film will be released on disc in September 2019. It will be released to all Kickstarter contributors prior to public release. There is still a lot to do, and we apologize for having to keep you waiting. A documentary about a band of this longevity and magnitude has taken much longer than any of us had anticipated. Your patience has been beyond anything we could have expected. We’re grateful to all of you who helped make this happen.


Mark & Geoff


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Update On Dave’s Injury

Here is what Dave Wrote on Facebook regarding the problems with his back;

It’s been a short 5 weeks since I injured my back, yet it feels like a lifetime. This morning, I had my follow up appointment with my doctor after Cortisone injections 19 days ago. Unfortunately it hasn’t improved at the pace we both hoped for so I will go in for another round of injections Thursday in hopes of knocking this out so I can go on with my life. Of course, in conjunction with rest and a proper therapy routine.

Being that Y&T had 2 shows this weekend scheduled, plus a festival in Minnesota only weeks away, my doctor advised me against playing any shows for at least 4 weeks to give my back the necessary time to recover from this injury. So today we have re-scheduled the Berkeley & Merced Theater shows for later in the year.

Berkeley is now set for Sunday, Dec 30th, and Merced Theater is now scheduled for Friday, Nov 2.

Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone that was looking forward to these upcoming Y&T shows. Believe me I’d much rather be playing than going through this rehabilitation. But, I’ll hang tough and do all the right things to get me back on stage and ready for the upcoming European tour starting Sept 19.


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Dave’s Back Gives Him Problems…

Dave has to keep a low profile physically due to issues with his back. This is what Dave posted on FaceBook;

I want to update everyone on what is currently happening so there are no misunderstandings. I’m not one who likes to broadcast physical ailments, but I thought it best since we just postponed a show.

Last month I injured my back lifting & moving some heavy items. The sports doctor/back specialist who has been treating me had advised me not to play any shows. But ever the optimist, I felt certain that adrenaline would kick in and carry me through these past few; I was right, but I paid the price as it set me back. I’ve been mostly bedridden with pain since the injury. Thankfully, this week I’m scheduled for a cortisone shot that should alleviate the pain and swelling.

You may not see me around the next few weeks, as I’ll be doing all that’s necessary to close this chapter and move forward. We still have some 30+ more shows to play this year with tons of travelling, and tons of sitting for extended times, so I know the urgency of getting this sorted ASAP. I expect to be back up there rocking through all of them in top shape soon enough. Rest assured I’m in good hands and I’ll see you on stage again soon.


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Hanna Kennemore Passed Away

Phil’s wife Hanna Kennmore recently passed away after a battle with stomach cancer.


Rest in peace, Hanna

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Meanwhile In Germany…

Went to see the Gene Simmons Band in Oberhausen (GER), look what I saw there….



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